Global Water Dances 2017
Site Leader : KyungHee Kim
Organization : SungKyunKwan University
City : Seoul
Country : South Korea
Body of water : CheongGyeCheon(CheongGye Stream)
Site Location : CheongGyeCheon Museum, Seoul
History of the Site and related water issues : “CheongGyeCheon(CheongGye Stream)” is an urban stream flowing from west to east converging the center of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.
Since this stream is located in the central city, there are many cars and people with trash so that we are continuously raising the water issues.
Impact of event : clean and safe water for all
Local Date/Time : 6/24/2017, 3 pm
Choreographers :  
KyungHee Kim,
JaeLee Kim, HyunJoo Su,
DongWon Lee, NanYoung Park, Sung A Park

Production :  
Dance Department of SungKyunKwan University,
Arzid Modern Dance Company, Yewon School, Group Choom in

Videographer : YoungJoo Lee
Performance Details :
Section Ⅰ. Ritual: Opening Ceremony
Section Ⅱ. Local Dance: CheongGyeCheon
Section Ⅲ. Global Dance
Section Ⅳ. Participatory Dance: Movement Choir