Global Water Dances 2023
Site Leader : KyungHee Kim
Organization : SungKyunKwan University
City : Seoul
Country : South Korea
Body of water : Hangang(Han River)
Site Location : 649-1, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
History of the Site and related water issues : Han River. The Han River or Hangang (Korean pronunciation: [ha(ː)n.ɡaŋ]) is a major river in South Korea. The river runs as two smaller rivers in the eastern mountains of the Korean peninsula, which then converge near Seoul, the capital city of Korea.
Impact of event : For the Ecological Reconstruction of Han River!
Local Date/Time : 6/10/2023, 3 pm
Choreographer(s) : KyungHee Kim
Coordinators : YoonSeon Kim, YoonSoo Kim, KoEun Seo, JeongJi Hyung
Videographers : YoungJoo Lee, SuJin Chang, SuHye Kim

Dancers : ByeolRim Lee, HaNa Jang, HaYeon Jeong, HoeRim Son, HongMin Seo, HyeonJi Lee, HyeSeung You, JinBee Kang, JungHyun Lee, MinSub Kim, MinYeong Lee, SeMin Park, SeoYeon Im, SeoYun Kim, SeungMin Lee, SiHyeon Kim, SongHyeon Lee, SuHyun Kim, Sunwoo Yoon, YeWon Kim, Yoonseo Kim, YounSeo Kim, YuJin Ha, YunA Jeon, YunJu Kim
Performance Details :
Opening : Parrot Dance, Manu-Dance with Jug.
Section Ⅰ. Ritual Dance : Seung Mu - Longing for something to relieve the Agony.
Section Ⅱ. Local Dance : Heoteun Choom - Sensing the "Free Flow" of 'Good-Natured Water.'
Section Ⅲ. Global Dance : Les Sylphides - Dreaming of Life like as Good as Water.
Section Ⅳ. Participatory Dance : Eco-Somatic Dancing - Dancing just like Good-Natured Water for Better Life.