Global Water Dances 2019
Site Leader : KyungHee Kim
Organization : SungKyunKwan University
City : Seoul
Country : South Korea
Body of water : OkRyuCheon(OkRyu Stream)
Site Location : MyungRyunDang, SungKyunKwan
History of the Site and related water issues : "OkRyuCheon(OkRyu Stream)" is a crystal-clear stream that originates from Eastern range of BugAk Mountain and meets the CheongGyeCheon (CheongGye Stream) through the well of ChangDeok Palace. OkRyuCheon means the stream of pure jade-colored flowing water. We hope we will drink this water, compose and recite a poem, and dance here again as our ancestors have done.
Impact of event : Smart Recycling
Local Date/Time : 6/15/2019, 3 pm
Choreographer(s) : JaeLee Kim, YoonSeon Kim, YoungJoo Lee, HyeJin Jang, YoonSoo Kim
Videographers : SuHye Kim, YoungJoo Lee
Performance Details :
Section Ⅰ. Ritual: Opening Ceremony
Section Ⅱ. Local Dance: OkRyuCheon
Section Ⅲ. Global Dance: Smart Recycling
Section Ⅳ. Participatory Dance: Movement Choir